Tools For Retail Marketing

2016-09-12, mia

A sales representative no longer walks into a store carrying a brief case just to pick up an additional order, but every brand representative has to nowadays also comprehend the importance of in-store visibility and also be able to report back to the office about the current status in the field. Also, measuring the effectiveness of in-store visibility, as well as our eternally favorite topic, the training of the sales staff is an essential part of the daily routine of store marketing professionals. When modern and user friendly tools are at one’s disposal, the reporting, tracking, analyzing and training is effortless and happens regularly.

Brands are ultimately built in the field and therefore their visibility is of paramount importance. Fortunately, one no longer needs to rely on the verbal descriptions of the staff operating in the field or developing time-consuming photographs, but we now have real-time reporting tools enabled by modern technology for the communication between the field staff and the brand’s head office.

We also offer our clients’ field organization the most effective tools for tracking activities in the field, measuring sales as well as training sales staff.

Mobile tool for monitoring the field

With the help of the tool offered by BrandBuddy our client company’s staff i.e. a Sales Director, Sales Manager, Regional Director or Marketing Manager is able to monitor very specific things: what procedures are used by the field organization, how the campaign has been implemented in stores or how much shelf space do the products have. The tool offers an insight into all the stores that the field staff of BrandBuddy or our client visits in Scandinavia and in the Baltic region. The tool can be used during the first exploratory audit visit or in daily use by a field representative.

In the field reporting takes place visually and the digital pictures taken of shelves, product range, store and campaign materials can be listed, for instance, as campaign groups, which makes their discovery easier. During each visit, details such as which person one met in the store, what was agreed with that person, what procedures took place in the store and has the staff been informed about the ongoing campaigns and upcoming new arrivals etc. are easily added into the report.

The report is conducted easily in the store with a smartphone and is available for a review at the office straight after saving it. Roughly speaking one could say that the pictures offered by the tool serve marketing purposes and sales reporting. When everyone uses the same form and procedures, it also makes the reports comparable with each other. These report summaries and pictures can be very useful, for example, during forum discussions.

Text message training for sales staff

Training the in-store staff is an essential part of sales promotion. When sales representatives know the product, it is easy for them to sell it to the customer. Traditionally, training days and courses can be long and tiring. Luckily nowadays different options are available to make the training less tedious.

BrandBuddy uses an easily usable training system that can be used to send sales staff short information packages on upcoming campaigns, new products and their features. The messages are sent to the sales representative’s mobile phone and are swiftly readable at any suitable moment. Text message training has been well received in the field and the sales staff considers it to be an excellent tool and an easy way to keep continuously learning.

Tracking the performance of sales representatives

We use mobile technology also in tracking sales. The handy program enables our client to control their sales team and gain access to precise information on what type of results are achieved during each sales meeting held outside the office. With the help of the tool we offer sales staff operating in the field the ability to track their sales and monitor their performance compared to other salespeople. Sales figures and other performance indicators can be viewed from different diagrams and pie charts, which enables one to quickly glance over the current sales status.

Up to speed sales tracking motivates to achieve the best possible results and brings some healthy competition into the daily routine. Additionally, organizing a sales contest between stores and tracking its results is made possible with the help of our tool. The sales targets can also be adjusted in relation to the size of the store in order to compete fairly.

But, even these tools can’t help boost sales and marketing, unless one fully comprehends what the main tasks of the sales staff and representatives in the store are and what they aim at. BrandBuddy’s long experience in in-store marketing is at your disposal, when you want to know what a true in-store visit should look like.

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