Tools for retail

You can save lots of time using the right kind of tools. We go bananas when we hear about new tools, which can help our customers. Here is a short list of our absolute favourites:

Field Reporting with Snapshop:

We track our field staff daily with our field tracking system.


  • Before and after pictures from the field
  • Transparent and real time tracking
  • Gathering history from all store visits
  • Campaign management
  • Motivates staff
  • Helps with bonus tracking

Quick trainings with Nanolearning

A modern way of learning! With Nanolearning you can send out the most important information about your brand or product as SMS. It will only take the receiver a few minutes to watch your video or read you text and you can check that the information is truly remembered with some quick questions.

Smash – distribute sales results

If you were a Sales Rep and got a text message with your sales results every week, what would you do if you had the worst sales scores? We believe that you would do your very best to sell more. With Smash you can motivate your sales team to run faster.

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