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Along the years we have gained a big network of talented people and as we think you should only work with great and talented people, we are happy to introduce some of them to you! So if you need help in finding the best sales, retail or trade marketing professional to your team, we can help you with the recruitment process. We find the kick ass team member and you employ him or her.

When we recruit, we will look at three things:

  1. Can – does the person have the background to do the job? This is basically things we will scan from CV’s and match to your criteria
  2. Will – Does the person have the motivation, the will to do the job? If there’s no will, a person with the perfect skills, won’t be the right choice for the position.
  3. Fit – does the person fit your organization and could you imagine having a relaxed lunch with him or her?

We use both advertising and headhunting and the best way is usually a combination of both. And let’s not forget, recruiting is always also great marketing, letting the world know that you’re growing.

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