Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping gives you the truth about your brand in retail. Our mystery shoppers consist of both regular consumers and retail professional, which gives you a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Our Mystery Shoppers go around stores and pretend to be buying customers. They check how your brand is sold, ask store staff about your products and check what they know and say about them. Mystery shopping gives you great material for discussions with your resellers. Many of our clients are surprised about the results!

We also have customers who put results from mystery shopping as a part of commission scheme for their sales team. For these customers we perform mystery shopping on regular basis, usually once a quarter.

When we conduct mystery shopping, we always put a lot on emphasis on the survey itself. What you ask and how you ask it, makes a big difference. Sometimes we combine training with mystery shopping visits, meaning that we re-visit the store shortly after the visit and go through the results with the sales people or store staff. Two in one!

How does it work?

  • Planning is vital. We plan a setup which will give you the information you need. We have done this before, so let’s use that knowledge
  • We agree upon the stores and products that shall be checked in stores
  • Mystery shoppers execute the project and we deliver an extensive report with results, suggested further actions and ideas

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