Merchandising is about establishing relationships to retailers buy visiting them regularly. It’s an extremely effective BTL (below the line)-marketing strategy, delivering far better ROI compared to traditional above the line-marketing strategies.

This is what our Buddies do on the field:

  • check how products are displayed and report back through our online reporting tool called Snapshop, easily accessible from phone/tablet
  • train store staff about products, 1:1 or 1:many and make sure that your products are top of mind for store staff
  • coach and inspire store staff to sell your products, giving store staff tools to sell more and giving them the confidence to recommend your products
  • act as technical support for your products, lowering the barrier to sell them when they know who to contact in case of after sales problems
  • keep an eye on competitors and what they are up to

Most importantly, they are your ambassadors on the field, doing the groundwork that will lead to sales.

Read about a merchandising case we did for Future Eyewear here »

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