Field Sales

Have you ever dreamt about having more feet on the field, sales people who would travel around land and country and sell your products to stores and resellers? Many companies know that they should focus more on field sales but they just don’t have the time to do that. That’s when BrandBuddy’s Field Sales solution comes in handy.

How it works?

  • We start with a great plan, to whom should we sell?
  • BrandBuddy recruits and employs your star, a Sales Representative who knows the field and has connections to retail or HoReCa, depending on where you want us to do our magic.
  • You get to have your say on the person. You need to believe in the chosen person and feel that there’s a fit to your organization
  • We train the person together. The client, with the best product knowledge, will naturally take care of product training and BrandBuddy will spar the person in sales
  • The Sales Representative starts working. An important part is to plan driving routes and effective schedules. It is very often that sales people put in some extra mileage or daily allowances and we make sure that all expenses are correct.
  • If you happen to really like the Sales Rep, you can hire him/her for free after 6 months. Or you can continue enjoying the convenience of having just one invoice of the person per month and us your own HR support.

Read about a field sales case we did for Kalatalo here »

Please note! For clients with small resources we can do a trial sales round with our internal field force team. You pay a price per visit and can easily budget the trial.

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