Auditing is about checking store conditions in a structured way. It’s important to really understand how a brand is exposed in retail and a comprehensive picture of the current situation gives indications for future actions. Auditing will give you information on differences in retail execution for an example between chains, countries or product categories.  When you have cold facts on a large scale, it’s also a lot easier to succeed in chain discussions. Can you be sure that a paid end cap is really there? If you have pictures from all stores, you can be sure that what you’re paying for is really there and if it’s not, you have material to refer to.

How does it work?

  • We agree on what, where and when we will audit and develop a auditing plan. With several years of experience, we have many do’s and don’ts’s to keep in mind
  • BrandBuddy will execute the audit incognito and you will receive the information as agreed

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