Effective reporting and training tools

The use of right kind of tools saves a lot of time. Among other things, you can follow the development of sales in real time as well as the execution of various campaigns on the field.

Our effective favourites for managing the whole include :

Reporting from the field

  • We follow our field staff daily with the help of our field monitoring system
  • We collect images from the stores
  • Transparent and real time follow-up. An option to open the view to customers.
  • We compile history of all store visits
  • Campaign management

Effective training sessions with Nanolearning

  • Nanolearning allows you to send the most important information about your brand or product as a text message. It will take the recipient only a few minutes to watch your video or to go through your text. Quick questions enable you also to check that the sales personnel actually remember the most essential details.