Content marketing

Content marketing is the right tool when you wish to affect an existing competition field, to create new market, to launch a new product, to build or edit your brand image, to influence purchase decisions in time, to increase sales in the long term or to reach new target groups. With regard to sales promotion and event related actions, content marketing is being used to direct the right interest target group towards participation or purchase. In content marketing, our expert partner is Storybound Oy, internationally noted for their expertise.

Content marketing products include for instance:

  • articles on a client’s website
  • campaign pages and sites
  • commercial test groups
  • influencer marketing
  • social media campaigns
  • native advertising, i.e. content marketing in paid media (e.g. an advertorial in a printed magazine)
  • directing native advertising (content related directing from paid media e.g. to an article located on the client’s website)