GB Foods Suomi: Brand ambassadors help to merchandise new products and raise brand awareness

2020-06-29, Jonna Haavisto

Familiar food brands always have a place in the customer’s shopping cart. This is not accidental but the result of working hard on brand awareness and image. According to Kristian Helanen, Retail Sales Manager at GB Foods, raising brand awareness is long and exacting work.

GB Foods Suomi is the Finnish distributor of a number of familiar food brands including Blå Band, Lämminkuppi and Touch of Taste. Present in a number of European countries, the company’s purpose is to celebrate local flavors. The Blå Band products have long traditions with the first dehydrated soup introduced in the 1950s. Foods that were both quick to prepare and kept long were soon in high demand. The Touch of Taste flavor enhancers are inspired by genuine flavors and are an enriching and simple solution for consumers to enjoy their dishes.

Consumers prefer familiar products, but this requires long-term efforts. A local grocer or store is an important link between the consumer and the brand. Grocery personnel with extensive and up-to-date information about a product generates sales. They are familiar with the product and can answer the customers’ queries.

BrandBuddy is your link to the stores

BrandBuddy and GB Foods began their collaboration when GB Foods needed to reach a number of stores all over Finland. The field sales and nationwide sales tours, which occur a few of times every year, are the core of BrandBuddy and GB Foods’ collaboration. The two have also worked together on sales promotion. Finland is geographically large and has grocery stores spread all over the country. Regardless, the BrandBuddy employees have started raising brand awareness in the more distant outlets. They have presented products and facilitated sales at local stores. “The sales tours have helped us to merchandise our products and raise brand awareness. The tours have produced additional sales and positive feedback. Raising brand awareness is long and exacting work,” Kristian Helanen, Retail Sales Manager at GB Foods, says.

“Marketing is, of course, our top option for consumers, but brand ambassadors help us to spread information among store personnel.”

“We renewed the Blå Band design concept recently. The BrandBuddy ambassadors have helped us to spread information about the new design at local stores. The renewal has been received well at the stores, and we have received positive feedback about it,” Helanen says. The store personnel work in direct contact with consumers, and it is essential that the personnel have accurate and up-to-date knowledge about the products. “Marketing is, of course, our top option for consumers, but brand ambassadors help us to spread information among store personnel,” Helanen explains.

GB Foods has worked closely with BrandBuddy on not only the sales tours and promotion efforts, but also brainstorming and development. “BrandBuddy has always been a pleasant partner. They are flexible and respond quickly to our queries,” Helanen says. “BrandBuddy has also come up with ideas for our future operations and development. We appreciate highly the fact that they are a transparent and straightforward partner,” Helanen concludes.

Kristian Helanen, Retail Sales Manager, GB Foods Suomi