A trusted partnership and close-knit co-operation guarantees smooth daily operations

2020-06-01, brandbuddy

Food company Kavli and Brand Buddy have worked together for several years to support grocery stores, projects and human resources needs alike. Daily operations run smoothly with a trusted partner and even tight deadlines are easily met.

The prominently established Kavli group has worked in close co-operation with Brand Buddy for several years now. Kavli’s wide range of products include the Finnish brand, Planti, providing plant-based dairy alternatives as well as a variety of sauces, mayonnaises, spread cheeses and mustards. These are staple products for consumers and supermarkets. “Our marketing efforts are divided into three main categories of which one is in-store marketing. It includes product presentation and events such as sales promotions that we have held hundreds of times for different brands”, says Kavli’s Key Account Manager Jenny Holmberg. 

Kavli’s and BrandBuddy’s diverse partnership has focused on sales represention and merchandising and different projects that are at times also organised with a fast-paced schedule.   

“Sometimes new brands need to be gotten into stores quickly and BrandBuddy has helped us with these projects as well. We have called stores, sold and told them about the upcoming new products to ensure they stay well informed”, adds Holmberg.   

“I started at Kavli around four years ago. The close cooperation with BrandBuddy had been started earlier and was already wide-ranging back then. It has started somewhere, then together developed and expanded, while finding ways of working that really suit us”, says Holmberg. The better the partners know each other and the products and aims of their respectful companies, the more fruitful and smooth the daily life becomes. “It has been really smooth all along. BrandBuddy has this ‘ready-to-move-in’ kind of attitude. Whenever a new project kicks off we can trust their Project Manager and team to handle everything. We can call them at any time and there is no fixed model for handling things. Every detail is tailor made to meet our exact needs”, continues Holmberg.  

Support for recruitment needs 

Brand Buddy has been able to help with Kavli’s recruitment needs as well. Merchandising is performed nationally, and in the Greater Helsinki area Kavli is represented by BrandBuddy’s brand representative working full time with Kavli products. In Northern Finland another BrandBuddy team member carries out several sales tours every year. Working together is so seamless it feels like everyone is working as one team. Holmberg sees many benefits in a long term partnership: “When a close-knit partnership has lasted for many years, the partner knows us and our needs in great detail. There’s great trust and open discussion, not to mention easy communication. It almost feels like we’re colleagues! This seamless team work is visible at all levels, including the field”, tells Holmberg.  

 “A familiar contact is just a phone call away, offering flexible assistance. That’s definitely one of the main reasons for our long-term co-operation.” 

Although Kavli’s team in Finland consists of only three people, even large marketing projects with a wide product range can be run effortlessly with a familiar, reliable long-term partner. “One of BrandBuddy’s strengths is their wide range of services, enabling us to receive assistance in a variety of cases. We are always dealing with just one or two people which makes things easy running. A familiar contact is just a phone call away, offering flexible assistance. That’s definitely one of the main reasons for our long-term co-operation. It has also been nice to see that everyone at BrandBuddy has the same mindset, hence the stands of quality is always great, even if our point of contact has changed”, Holmberg sums up.

Jenny Holmberg, Key Account Manager at Kavli