Effortlessness as the core value of marketing in 2020

2020-01-22, brandbuddy

Easy and effortless. The key values of brand marketing are clear – it should be possible to get all marketing and sales related services under one roof. What other trends and phenonema are bubbling under? At the start of 2020 it’s time to take a peek into the future. CEO Mia Hudd tells us about BrandBuddy’s aspirations for the New Year.

Typically brand marketing is not seen as a myriad of different functions but rather as a whole. Dissemination of information has significantly increased in speed. Nowadays quickness, ease and one-stop service from a reliable partner are valued highly. ”I’ve worked with different brands throughout my career, built retail brands and seen in practice how challenging it can be when various marketing services are bought from different providers: store materials from one place, content marketing from another and promotion from somewhere else”, says Mia Hudd, founder and CEO of BrandBuddy. ”BrandBuddy aims to respond to this practical challenge by providing all services under one roof. We don’t offer only specific measures but work together with our clients to develop a portfolio of services that meet their needs. Hence we act as our clients’ strategic partners as well”, Hudd continues.

We know that the world is small these days and communication is getting faster by day. ”Having a named contact person makes co-operation seamless for our clients. Our aim is to make things as easy as possible, shake up customary ways of working a bit and operate outside the box”, tells Hudd. A smaller world means more international ways of working. ”We are a multilingual, international business. In addition to Finland, we operate at other Nordic countries and the Baltic region. Our clients can often be serviced by their native language which makes things more effortless from their point of view”, says Hudd.

”We are, of course, building our own brand as well. Brand-driven thinking is a given for us both in our own business as well as the way we interact with clients. A positive outlook is carrying us towards 2020 – it’s looking really good commercially and otherwise. We step into the coming year with joy and are welcoming new brands”, notes Hudd.

After BrandBuddy’s accelerated growth building strong foundations, fine tuning processes and methods and getting ready for the future in order to provide clients with even higher quality services had been the main focus of 2019.
Employees’ well being and flourishing are at the heart of many businesses. This is believed to have an impact on results as well. ”It’s really important to me that people thrive here. We put our hearts into this work. I believe that being surrounded by people who like what they do reflects on the results as well. We are open to new ideas and like to try new things. Work has to include an element of continuous learning. Of course every job includes boring stuff and routines that just have to get done, yet every member of staff should have their own interesting and ispiring area of expertise. Giving and receiving feedback is important. It’s not really a trend but a norm that a manager is not just a boss but there for the people that work for them. A manager’s job is to support their staff and help them succeed. We do this work together as a team while fostering a positive attitude”, sums Hudd.