Budgeting In-store Marketing 2017

2016-11-28, brandbuddy

We know a lot of our customers are in love with Excel at the moment, planning budgets for year 2017. We’ve been on the other side of the table, so we know how frustrating it can be. It’s frustrating because:

  1. Almost all organisations strive to grow and if you have achieved your budget this year, you will for sure be asked to deliver more next year. This can cause stress levels to rise, since most of us do all we can to drive sales all the time and we probably have used all aces up our sleeves to achieve the budget this year.
  2. The market is hard no matter what you sell. Retail is changing all the time, not only when it comes to consumer behaviour, but also when it comes to resellers and chains. Who will gain and who will lose next year? If you plan it right, you will be a part of the winning team. And if you don’t, somebody else will, and you will have to come up with sales figures from somewhere else.
  3. No matter the size of your budget, it could always be bigger. We all know that if you visit stores frequently and have a good relationship with your customers, your products will have a higher sell trough. And if you don’t, somebody else will take your shelf share. So there’s no upper limit when it comes to in-store marketing – the easier it is to find your products and the more people there are who know about it, the more you will sell.
Do it now!

We’ll be honest with you, we are not objective when saying this. BUT If you haven’t used your in-store marketing budget for 2016 to the max, now is the time to do so. Because as we know, if you don’t, your budget will for sure go to someone and something else. Needless to say, you should of course contact us and we’ll come up with a magic plan for you.


If you find yourself with a field marketing budget which is not what you hoped for in January 2017, let’s make the most of what you do have. There’s always room to save and do the same things with lower costs. We’d love to help you with this.


Inspiring regards from

Excel-loving BrandBuddy