Essilor uses Nanolearning to jog the memory

2016-11-11, brandbuddy

Essilor is the worlds leading company for the developement of corrective lenses and it’s their mission to invest in the training and developement of professionals in this particular industry. During the months of September and October in 2016, the company organized training camps in several cities across Finland. There is a lot of information to take in during these long and sometimes intense training sessions so in order for Essilor’s main selling points to stay fresh in the mind of the participants, Essilor decided to utilise a unique working tool from BrandBuddy that goes by the name of Nanolearning.

With the Nanolearning tool, key product information is sent the morning after the training day in the form of an SMS that contains either brief text or a short video followed by a refresher question to really drive home the main points of the training sessions.

Participant success was measured at 90%!

Webinars are a common platform for training in sales these days. The challenge with Webinars is not only the need to allocate time for participation alongside day to day sales work but there is also often the need to store passwords and usernames on several different systems. A big advantage of Nanolearning is that it can provide quick, mini-training anywhere and anytime, even on the bus or in the checkout line at the shop. There is no need to remember a password and training can be saved to your phone for later revision. This is a very effective way of keeping the main points/guidelines in the collective memory and if there would be questions on what participants remember the most from the training, there would most likely be the same uniform answer from all concerned. Very rare indeed!

After a mini-summary of the training program, a few feedback questions were presented with an electronic movie ticket as reward for taking part. There was an amazing 90% of respondees that recommended Nanolearning!

Meri Lahtela, Trade Marketing Manager – Essilor

“Our company has a long history and we have had operations  in the Nordic countries for over 30 years. Essilor is a pioneer in this field and we invest a lot in research and development, not least because we can really take advantage of our brand tools with the latest technology.

All in all, our cooperation with BrandBuddy went brilliantly and the results were very convincing. We were also able to influence the development of Nanolearning and the reporting kept us up to date.The Nanolearning pilot was an interesting and rewarding project that inspired us with some brand new ideas for ways to use the tool in our future trainings.”