Staffing solutions a good way to improve sales of seasonal products

2016-05-10, brandbuddy

Future Eyewear Group is the leading manufacturer of sunglasses, sports glasses, reading glasses and ski goggles in the Nordic countries. The company was founded in 1984, and its selection of brands includes Dr.Zipe, Bliz, Prestige, Granite and Swing. The headquarters of the Swedish Future Eyewear are located in Kungälv Gothenburg, which is also where most of the glasses are designed.

The sales season for sunglasses is from March to mid-August. For this period, Future Eyewear needed seasonal workers for sales promotion and found BrandBuddy Group to assist it. BrandBuddy hired two merchandisers to check the sortiment and make additional orders of Future product retailers. Julia Vrager works in Sweden and oversees the Stockholm area, where the products are sold at places like Åhlens and service stations. Representative Julia von Hertzen works in Finland and is responsible for Finnish retailers. In Finland, Future Eyewear products are sold at sports stores such as Intersport, Stadium and XXL, service stations and for example stores in the Aleksi 13 and Suomalainen kirjakauppa chains.

Comparable reports

Merchandisers restock shelves, keep sales stands clean, check the selection and suggest and receive additional orders from retailers. In Stockholm and Helsinki, the aim is to visit about seven stores during one working day. In areas with longer driving distances, there is time for 3-5 visits. It is important for Future Eyewear that driving routes have been planned sensibly in terms of use of time and fuel consumption.

Every other week, BrandBuddy sends a summary of all store visits to the Future headquarters. Both employees use the same reporting system in Finland and Sweden, making the reports comparable to each other.

Peter Larsson, Nordic Sales Manager, Future Eyewear Group

“The main goal of Future is to get people out in the field during the top sales season, i.e. the spring and summer. The recruitment process was fast, and I got just the kind of candidates I’d been hoping for. Because I was busy, I let BrandBuddy make the final pick for me.

I get a report with before and after photos as often as I want. The report also includes comments from the field that are really interesting, because they are more objective than the comments of our own staff. BrandBuddy understands field work and we will have use for the reports also in the future, when we have discussions with chains.

BrandBuddy has reached its goal of delivering professional merchandisers in the Nordic countries. They have clear goals such as how many stores employees should visit in a day or week. You can clearly see that they do their work with their heart in it and in an entrepreneurial spirit. I like the way the people at BrandBuddy think outside the box and know the Nordic market, especially in Finland, which is different from the markets of other Nordic countries.

Our collaboration with BrandBuddy has been smooth, and I have already recommended them to others. It’s good for me to have a contact in the fields of Finland and Sweden. It saves my time and makes it easier for me to compare markets. I recommend BrandBuddy to consumer brands operating in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and especially those whose needs for field workers vary seasonally or companies who don’t have in-house expertise in trade marketing.”

Julia Vrager, Visual Merchandiser, Stockholm, Sweden

“The best thing about selling Future Eyewear is the wide product selection. The selection includes something for every customer or customer group. I enjoy interacting with a broad clientele: I may first chat with an elderly lady, and then with youth about glasses fit for them. I feel that my job is interesting and meaningful.

My main task is to oversee the way products are exhibited at the store and to forward any additional orders. I enjoy my work, because I get to plan my schedule freely, and am responsible for what I do. I get to use my visual eye, and I believe I’m able to make Future Eyewear products stand out favorably at the stores.

BrandBuddy did a great job at familiarizing me with my tasks. BrandBuddy told me about the job and its goals, so I know what is expected of me. The job of a sales promoter is well-suited for a responsible person such as me, but you don’t have to work alone. We are frequently in contact with BrandBuddy, and they take good care of their employees.”