Julia Vrager, Visual Merchandiser, Stockholm, Sweden

2016-05-10, brandbuddy

“The best thing about selling Future Eyewear is the wide product selection. The selection includes something for every customer or customer group. I enjoy interacting with a broad clientele: I may first chat with an elderly lady, and then with youth about glasses fit for them. I feel that my job is interesting and meaningful.

My main task is to oversee the way products are exhibited at the store and to forward any additional orders. I enjoy my work, because I get to plan my schedule freely, and am responsible for what I do. I get to use my visual eye, and I believe I’m able to make Future Eyewear products stand out favorably at the stores.

BrandBuddy did a great job at familiarizing me with my tasks. BrandBuddy told me about the job and its goals, so I know what is expected of me. The job of a sales promoter is well-suited for a responsible person such as me, but you don’t have to work alone. We are frequently in contact with BrandBuddy, and they take good care of their employees.”