Julia von Hertzen, Sales Promoter, Finland

2016-05-10, brandbuddy

“I’m studying at Hanken to become a Master in Economic Sciences, and through the school, I found BrandBuddy’s recruitment ad. After working with them for a month, I can say I like it well. I use sunglasses a lot myself, and selling them is pleasant and easy for me. I get a lot of support, and we have close contact with both BrandBuddy and the Finnish office of Future Eyewear.

At stores, I start my work by looking for Future Eyewear products. I photograph the sales area, and I then neatly arrange the sales stands. I chat with store staff, and together we will see if there is a need for additional orders in the selection.

My job requires organization, the ability to plan working days and driving routes independently and initiative in finding out about things. Openness and sociability are also important, as a representative has to have the courage to introduce themselves to unknown people several times a day.”