BrandBuddy made the sales graphs of BaByliss rise

2016-04-15, brandbuddy

Before Christmas 2015, BrandBuddy organized a demo tour of BaByliss products in all the Nordic countries. The goal of the campaign was to speed up the sales of all BaByliss products but especially the hair braider and twister targeted at young women. The duration of the campaign was 197 days, during which the products were presented in 42 cities and 65 stores.

At every event BrandBuddy kept track of how many customers were spoken to and how many products were sold. During the campaign, BrandBuddy got several thousands of personal customer contacts. Thanks to a comprehensive tour, it was easy to compare for example how consumers in different market areas identify the BaByliss brand and what kind of experiences they had related to the brand. After seeing BrandBuddy’s promoters demonstrating the appliances, many consumers were convinced to add the product to their Christmas wish list.

Conversion rate 39%

The conversion rate, i.e. how many of the customers who were spoken to finally bought the product, was excellent 39 %. During the campaign, the sales was so good that BaByliss products were sold out in all Nordic countries before Christmas! Everything was sold, which was possible to sell. As customers already knew the characteristics of the products, the selling season continued well also in January when the stores got a new batch of BaByliss products.

BrandBuddy always execute sales promotion events with focus on really selling the products, not just looking good and giving free samples. After an effective campaign, BrandBuddy drew up a comprehensive final report with precise figures for BaByliss. BrandBuddy’s cooperation with the marketer of BaByliss, Conair Group, continues with a campaign for Glitter.

Christian Christensen, Sales Manager, BaByliss

The goal of the campaign was to create awareness and inform the customers about our products in the stores. This was reached in all countries. BrandBuddy was very proactive and able to anticipate potential problems. Thus, the problems were solved before they even came up. Reporting came in a simple format, thanks to which it was easy to inform our stakeholders (internal & external) about the results.

We already recommended BrandBuddy to our distributers who need the same kind of services. We are pleased with the results and look forward to continue the collaboration with BrandBuddy.