Veli-Matti Lehmussaari, Regional Sales Manager, BrandBuddy Group

2016-02-22, brandbuddy

“My work at Kalatalo is independent, free and very interesting. I can plan my own week schedule and I monitor my results trying always to improve my personal sales as well as the result of our sales team. The key to increasing sales has been the supportive attitude of my manager and the people I have met in the production, who for their part have helped me to succeed in my work.

I do new customer acquisition and manage accounts entrusted to me. At the moment, the focus of sales is in new customer acquisition and retail sales, in which we are trying to increase our market share in the Helsinki area through active sales work. Also several sushi-restaurants in the Helsinki area and businesses of the HoReCa sector are my responsibility.

On average, I have five customer meetings in a day. Sometimes the workdays stretch late into the evening, for example, due to the spikes in sales during the holiday seasons, when we have to be specially active. I report my workdays to BrandBuddy, who delivers the reports to Kalatalo.

The competition on fish product market shares in Helsinki area can be tough, but selling high quality products of the Kerava Kalatalo is a pleasure. I have previously worked at different positions in the HoReCa sector and ran my own catering company. I applied to my current work position because it seemed like tailored for me. “I have enjoyed working here and it’s so interesting that it sometimes doesn’t even feel like work. Of course, making it in the sales sector demands taking initiative, being active and tolerant to stress. I feel that I have found my own thing in sales work at the food industry – it’s definitely my thing.”

Kalatalo succeeded perfectly in recruitment with the help of BrandBuddy

Fish and food processing facility Kalatalo operating in Kerava, Finland, needed new boost to its sales organisation at the end of 2015. The sales manager of Kalatalo asked BrandBuddy to search for a consultant whose labour input Kalatalo could rent from BrandBuddy. The recruitment process was fast, and BrandBuddy found several considerable candidates for the position. BrandBuddy interviewed the candidates and chose four persons who visited Kalatalo to introduce themselves. The chosen employee is working full time to Kalatalo but his salary is paid by BrandBuddy.