Kalatalo succeeded perfectly in recruitment with the help of BrandBuddy

2016-02-22, brandbuddy

Fish and food processing facility Kalatalo operating in Kerava, Finland, needed new boost to its sales organisation at the end of 2015. The sales manager of Kalatalo asked BrandBuddy to search for a consultant whose labour input Kalatalo could rent from BrandBuddy. The recruitment process was fast, and BrandBuddy found several considerable candidates for the position. BrandBuddy interviewed the candidates and chose four persons who visited Kalatalo to introduce themselves. The chosen employee is working full time to Kalatalo but his salary is paid by BrandBuddy.

Ari Luostarinen, Sales Manager, Kalatalo

“We chose the best among the good candidates, and our decision proved to be right already on the first day. Based on Veli-Matti Lehmussaari’s enthusiasm and motivation I knew already at the interview stage that this guy will succeed in this job. He is a qualified cook and Bachelor of Business Administration, and thanks to his extensive experience he familiarized himself quickly with our business. I provided Lehmussaari a 15-minute initial training, after which he made ten phone calls. Seven of these ten resulted in a meeting, and half of them are now our clients. Also after a brisk start the pace of sales has remained high.

I warmly recommend BrandBuddy’s services. Our communication has been active and fruitful. In the report of BrandBuddy I can see how the consultant we have rented has used his working time and what the results are. The reports include also photos of the fish counters of the stores our consultant has visited. The photos are a nice visual supplement which provides us a wider picture of the field. With the help of the photos I can see what products there are on the counter, which products we could deliver there and how could we develop our products.

BrandBuddy’s recruitment service suits well for a growing business or a company which is somehow stuck in a rut and wants to speed up their operations. Renting staff is easy, when the person, computer and phone come as a ready package, and Kalatalo pays only one monthly fee. At least in our case the employee has paid off the fee with his results.”