BrandBuddy accelerated the sales of BRIO beyond the targets

2016-01-18, brandbuddy

The Swedish high-quality wooden toys of BRIO deserve their place on the shelves of toy departments and in the plays of children. BrandBuddy has taken care of the in-store visibility of BRIO’s toys since spring 2015. The goal of BrandBuddy’s activities is to accelerate the sell-through of BRIO’s products in stores.

In Sweden, BRIO has an in-store marketing concept of its own, which BrandBuddy implemented in the Finnish stores. The assortment guidelines of retail chain stores like Prisma and Citymarket are made in collaboration with BRIO and the buyers of the chain. The display and visibility of products in stores is agreed at the same time, and BrandBuddy with its determined fieldwork makes sure that the vision is implemented in practice.

More space and sales through store visits

BrandBuddy’s and BRIO’S objective for the autumn season 2015 was to increase additional sales to chain stores. The work was started with a two-week store tour, during which BrandBuddy’s team of eight consultants visited a total of 120 Prisma and K-Citymarket stores. In the first round they checked if autumn’s novelties were found on the BRIO shelves of the toy department and how much in-store space BRIO has. Where relevant, consultant draw up a proposal for an additional order to the store. The shelves were organized according to a pre-planned shelf picture, which was designed to create a tidy and attractive display of products. In stores, BrandBuddy’s consultants informed the personal of the store about BRIO’s novelties and upcoming campaigns. Information sharing is an essential part of sales work, because it’s easy to sell products which the store assistant can easily tell the customer about.

In the second round, BRIO’s module count in stores was cleared. Shelf space is an integral part of in-store marketing, and during the store visits we got a total of 28 modules extra space for BRIO’s products. The consultants brought to the stores also some in-store material, like consumer catalogues and shelf edgings, which create a uniform look for the shelves and increase the attractiveness of the products.

Camilla Granberg, Sales Manager, BRIO, Finland

“I have been really satisfied with the collaboration with BrandBuddy. They had already a solid experience in the toy sector and in Finnish retail chains. We started planning the campaign in spring, so that everything was ready in September when the store tour started. About 70 percent of toys are sold between September and December, and that’s why it was appropriate to check BRIO’s visibility in stores in September.

We set together clear sales targets for additional sales during the store tours, and they were exceeded in both chains. Compared with the sales of the same period over the previous year, the purchases of Citymarket increased by nine percentage points. Prisma stores have a slightly different ordering system through a central warehouse, but also the purchases of Prisma increased compared to the previous year.

The collaboration has been flexible and loyal. I recommend the services of BrandBuddy especially to operators like me, who haven’t got field staff of their own. The cost efficiency and flexibility of BrandBuddy’s comprehensive service package play a central role when a campaign must be built quickly and implemented effectively. A fine example of project manager Mia Hudd’s competence is that BrandBuddy’s consultants inspected 120 stores across Finland in two weeks. Store visits were planned carefully. This way, we could be sure that same things were reviewed in every store. I received a summary report regarding the visits including before and after photos from every store. Throughout the whole project I had a great confidence in that things are getting done!”