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BrandBuddy Group is your strategic partner in Finland, other Nordic countries and in the Baltic countries.

We offer solutions to all sales related challenges and to services and building the brand, from planning to turnkey implementation.

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Customer Stories

BrandBuddy works with several consumer brands and below we mention few. If you want have more references, you’re welcome to contact us!

GB Foods Suomi: Brand ambassadors help to merchandise new products and raise brand awareness

Familiar food brands always have a place in the customer’s shopping cart. This is not accidental but the result of working hard on brand awareness and image. According to Kristian Helanen, Retail Sales Manager at GB Foods, raising brand awareness is long and exacting work. GB Foods Suomi is the Finnish distributor of a number […]

A trusted partnership and close-knit co-operation guarantees smooth daily operations

Food company Kavli and Brand Buddy have worked together for several years to support grocery stores, projects and human resources needs alike. Daily operations run smoothly with a trusted partner and even tight deadlines are easily met. The prominently established Kavli group has worked in close co-operation with Brand Buddy for several years now. Kavli’s wide range of products include the Finnish […]

The launch of a new Philips product succeeded beyond expectations.

Philips unveiled a brand-new product, the Philips OneBlade electric shaver, in the Nordic countries in fall of 2017. In Finland, the winner of the competitive bid for the launch of the new product was BrandBuddy Group, which deployed the product to Citymarkets throughout the country—to each store simultaneously.


BrandBuddy’s victorious staff is known for their uncompromising work ethics and exceptionally strong team spirit. The well-being and job satisfaction of our staff is a matter close to our hearts.



Only happy people will speak about your brand with passion. That’s why we believe in being buddies also to our staff. We do our very best to take good care of our employees. Working for BrandBuddy will not only improve our clients businesses, it will also improve the person working on the field. We take care of our employees with lots of love and know that it will all come to back to you and us in the end. Our golden rule: only hire people that are smarter and better than you are.



Your brand deserves top quality ambassadors on the field. Your field force should be almost as fantastic and inspiring as you would be, if you were out there yourself. We have field force – ”Buddies” – that truly love your brand and speak about it from their heart. This ensures quality merchandising for your customers and you can be proud about your feet on the field. They will open doors that you thought were closed.

We will love your brand like it’s our own and make sure that you are in the spotlight, right where should be.



We prove – that we improve – that we increase
How do you prove that your merchandising activities deliver ROI? Merchandising and field activities have historically been hard to measure. It affects sales indirectly, but how much? Is it really worth the investment?

We at BrandBuddy have tools that measure our actions. When you work with us you will receive proof that the investments made have delivered a positive ROI. By this we ensure that no one will ever question your decision to work with us. You will be able to measure and prove the results.



It’s easy to speak about a product or a service if you know it well. That’s why we put a lot of energy on training. After several years of experience, we know that the key to success is doing it in small portions. That’s why we use Nanolearning. Nanolearning

This is how we act:

All our buddies are field professionals and we know each and everyone. On top of product knowledge, we train our field staff to become truly bold and beautiful BrandBuddies, experts in space management and retail knowledge. That way they know what do and how to act on the field, being the best possible face on the field for your brand and bringing you all the details you need.
Retail is detail!

We also train and educate our customers with over 20 years of experience of do’s and don’t’s as well as best practices.


Please note!

Would you like to have higher sell-out rates? Contact us and let´s do it together!
Call us, mail us, drop by – we’d love to hear more about you and give you some inspirations for the field. We have local offices and local knowledge in
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Mia Hudd

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Mia Hudd
+358 50 373 6469
Owner and CEO

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