Nina, Innocent Brand Ambassador

2017-03-17, BrandBuddy Group

I started working as a brand ambassador for innocent in the autumn of 2016 and the job has been utterly interesting and diverse all from the beginning. I particularly like the broadness of the job tasks and briefs combined with the changing challenges, as well as the always supportive work environment. And of course, I’ve got to mention the amazing brand I get to work with daily: it is very fun to promote a brand with tasty products and by which values you live by yourself.

to a social and outgoing person the job as a brand ambassador offers very exciting working days. There are some routines but overall the days can be quite different but also often adaptable to your own schedule. The working hours are ideal too. I’ve been very happy with my job.

Julia Vrager, Visual Merchandiser, Stockholm, Sweden

2016-05-10, BrandBuddy Group

“The best thing about selling Future Eyewear is the wide product selection. The selection includes something for every customer or customer group. I enjoy interacting with a broad clientele: I may first chat with an elderly lady, and then with youth about glasses fit for them. I feel that my job is interesting and meaningful.

My main task is to oversee the way products are exhibited at the store and to forward any additional orders. I enjoy my work, because I get to plan my schedule freely, and am responsible for what I do. I get to use my visual eye, and I believe I’m able to make Future Eyewear products stand out favorably at the stores.

BrandBuddy did a great job at familiarizing me with my tasks. BrandBuddy told me about the job and its goals, so I know what is expected of me. The job of a sales promoter is well-suited for a responsible person such as me, but you don’t have to work alone. We are frequently in contact with BrandBuddy, and they take good care of their employees.”

Julia von Hertzen, Sales Promoter, Finland

, BrandBuddy Group

“I’m studying at Hanken to become a Master in Economic Sciences, and through the school, I found BrandBuddy’s recruitment ad. After working with them for a month, I can say I like it well. I use sunglasses a lot myself, and selling them is pleasant and easy for me. I get a lot of support, and we have close contact with both BrandBuddy and the Finnish office of Future Eyewear.

At stores, I start my work by looking for Future Eyewear products. I photograph the sales area, and I then neatly arrange the sales stands. I chat with store staff, and together we will see if there is a need for additional orders in the selection.

My job requires organization, the ability to plan working days and driving routes independently and initiative in finding out about things. Openness and sociability are also important, as a representative has to have the courage to introduce themselves to unknown people several times a day.”

Veli-Matti Lehmussaari, Regional Sales Manager, BrandBuddy Group

2016-02-22, BrandBuddy Group

“My work at Kalatalo is independent, free and very interesting. I can plan my own week schedule and I monitor my results trying always to improve my personal sales as well as the result of our sales team. The key to increasing sales has been the supportive attitude of my manager and the people I have met in the production, who for their part have helped me to succeed in my work.

I do new customer acquisition and manage accounts entrusted to me. At the moment, the focus of sales is in new customer acquisition and retail sales, in which we are trying to increase our market share in the Helsinki area through active sales work. Also several sushi-restaurants in the Helsinki area and businesses of the HoReCa sector are my responsibility.

On average, I have five customer meetings in a day. Sometimes the workdays stretch late into the evening, for example, due to the spikes in sales during the holiday seasons, when we have to be specially active. I report my workdays to BrandBuddy, who delivers the reports to Kalatalo.

The competition on fish product market shares in Helsinki area can be tough, but selling high quality products of the Kerava Kalatalo is a pleasure. I have previously worked at different positions in the HoReCa sector and ran my own catering company. I applied to my current work position because it seemed like tailored for me. “I have enjoyed working here and it’s so interesting that it sometimes doesn’t even feel like work. Of course, making it in the sales sector demands taking initiative, being active and tolerant to stress. I feel that I have found my own thing in sales work at the food industry – it’s definitely my thing.”

Kalatalo succeeded perfectly in recruitment with the help of BrandBuddy

Fish and food processing facility Kalatalo operating in Kerava, Finland, needed new boost to its sales organisation at the end of 2015. The sales manager of Kalatalo asked BrandBuddy to search for a consultant whose labour input Kalatalo could rent from BrandBuddy. The recruitment process was fast, and BrandBuddy found several considerable candidates for the position. BrandBuddy interviewed the candidates and chose four persons who visited Kalatalo to introduce themselves. The chosen employee is working full time to Kalatalo but his salary is paid by BrandBuddy.

Laura Hieperi, consultant, BrandBuddy, Helsinki area

2016-02-05, BrandBuddy Group

“At the campaign of Viking I collected contact details of shoe department managers for the Viking academy. The personal in the stores was interested in Viking Academy, and I got positive feedback on the training. Every department manager I reached wanted to take part in the training.”

Ulla Risberg, Product Demonstrator, BrandBuddy, Ostrobothnia

“I demonstrated the shoes of Viking in K-Citymarket Kivihaka in Vantaa. Both BrandBuddy and Viking gave me a good training for the sales demonstrations of the shoes. The brand was already well known among families with children. In the sales demonstration I explained the location of the Gore-Tex film on the shoe. Otherwise the characteristics of the shoes were already very familiar to the customers. According to my honest estimate I sold lots of shoes.

I filled reports to Viking regarding the days of sales demonstrations, and in the reports I recorded the feedback I received on the shoes. Viking’s shoes were praised as warm and durable. I didn’t have to document any negative feedback.

I have worked as a product demonstrator already 15 years, and the most important thing in this job is the customer contact. Simply put, it means that you take contact with the customer by greeting, and that you act cheerfully and friendly in the customer service situation. Already with these advice you can get far. The cooperation with BrandBuddy has been smooth, and we are dealing with each other almost daily.”

BrandBuddy accelerated the sales of Viking Footwear

The outdoor shoes of Viking Footwear are designed to keep feet warm and dry in Nordic conditions. The Norwegian Viking is a well-known brand in Finland. The brand wanted to tell the sellers and consumers about the technical characteristics of shoes in more detail, and they chose BrandBuddy for the job. The collection of Viking includes shoes also for adults, but the campaign was targeted to promoting the sales of children’s shoes.

When choosing shoes for children, the right size determines, how comfortable the child finds his shoes. Choosing the right size is difficult for parents, and also Viking recognizes this problem. As a solution, BrandBuddy offered fitting assistance by consultants at children’s shoe departments. Viking’s campaign was scheduled to take place at the same time as the K-Citymarket’s Shoe Week in October, during which BrandBuddy’s consultants were working at the shoe departments of ten K-Citymarkets.

BrandBuddy at the service of children

It can be challenging to fit shoes to the feet of energetic kids. BrandBuddy’s consultants used a shoe size mat in the fitting. With its help, kids measured willingly their feet by matching their feet to the sizes on the mat. The kids were bribed to the shoe fitting with erasers or sweets offered by Haribo. Parents welcomed these warmly as a way to calm down the tantrums of their tired toddlers.

The target of the event was to sell four pair of shoes in an hour. The final sales was six pairs in an hour, so the target was greatly exceeded. The shoe size mats were so great success among families with children that they are going to be introduced to stores on a larger scale.

Viking Academy trains messengers

BrandBuddy’s consultants trained the store staff to help customers in choosing the right Viking shoes. The consultants provided the store assistants information about the characteristics and materials of the shoes and the difference between shoe models and advised how Viking differs from other shoe brands. The training was given a positive assessment by the store assistants. They also asked for additional training because all information is necessary in sales situations. The training project was continued and extended to the shoe departments of K-Citymarkets and to managers of Prisma’s shoe departments.

The store assistants who were met face to face were given a four-point express training regarding the things you should mention in a sales situation. At this context, contact information of the store assistants were collected, so that the training could be continued with the help of concise lessons sent as SMSs. The SMSs are sent via Nanolearning software. The SMSs provide information about new shoe models or characteristics of shoes at the change of outdoor season. The training activities of BrandBuddy operate as Viking Academy, and the participants are important messengers for the brand of Viking. The participants can train their colleagues using the information they have learned in Viking Academy.