Retail sales developer BrandBuddy Group and Myynti ja Markkinointi Volyymi Oy have merged

2018-02-15, BrandBuddy Group

BrandBuddy Group, which is specialised in the development of retail sales, and Myynti ja Markkinointi Volyymi Oy, have merged. The company will continue under the name BrandBuddy Group. BrandBuddy Group’s CEO Mia Hudd and Myynti ja Markkinointi Volyymi Oy’s CEO Anne-Maj Mäenpää will act as partners in the company.

The merger allows the company to provide retail consumer marketing from design to implementation. “With the merger, our customers will benefit from stronger retail field operations, in-store consumer activations and an increased range of services.” We are now able to handle, for example, major shopping centre events, brand roadshows, extensive commercial brand activities and B2B events,” exclaims Hudd. BrandBuddy Group will also further invest in its staff’s know-how and expertise.

Finland, Scandinavia and Baltic countries as market areas

The company’s market area extends across Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. “Our strength is our extensive market knowledge as well as our capacity to work in Finnish, Swedish and English. In Finland, we serve the entire country from Hanko to Ivalo,” comments Hudd. Customers from across many industries have also expanded the company’s capabilities. “Our customers receive support through the whole sales process, as we handle all the activities throughout the annual marketing calendar,” adds Mäenpää. BrandBuddy Group is part of the Nordic Retail Network. The network’s members leverage each other’s know-how and share information about new trends and best business practices.

Strengthened with powerful tools as well as under the line marketing

“The retail market is changing rapidly and we have responded to the demands by developing more effective tools. We have a wide range of tools to meet the needs of our various customers, including monitoring developments in the field, training and the measurement of targets”, says Hudd. Modern tools can be used to comprehensively explore the effectiveness and profitability of different measures. BrandBuddy also manages the “below the line” marketing which, traditionally, has been quite difficult to measure. The company also examines the e-commerce behaviour of customers as well as the decision to buy.

BrandBuddy received Kauppalehti’s Success certification in 2017. “Our company is in a strong growth phase, and we are grateful to both our old and new customers,” comments Hudd and Mäenpää.

For more information:

Mia Hudd
050 373 6469

Anne-Maj Mäenpää
0400 721 341